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New way of creating your own service!

It’s simple and fabulous! Design the service you want with your content, build an app with few clicks, and launch the service. In just a day, you can create and provide a premium service to your customers.

  • Smart TV
  • Smart TV

OTT & Smart TV

Creating a Smart TV or an OTT (Over The Top) service had needed huge, manpowers, technologies, and experiences. The Smart TV service that only large broadcasting companies could provide for it requires a number of service developers, server resources , server operators, and smart TV app developers for various platforms can be provided through STICK TV, in a much easier way. You can provide your service to Smart TV anywhere and anytime using the service you designed and it is also fully synchronized with the mobile services you created.


Creating your own mobile apps is as easy as a few clicks. Instead of the mobile web or hybrid app created with HTML, it automatically creates 100% Native app for Apple and Android platforms. You are free to change the design and services in real time, and take simple steps to form live broadcast and premium broadcast. It is also fully synchronized with the Smart TV service you created. You can create a membership based premium services or free services with advertisements.

  • desktop
  • desktop
  • Smart TV

VR ( Virtual Reality )

VR is the final compute platform and remarkable technology. STICK TV platform provide VR encoding and decoding technology with various VR content service support. 360 degree VR content need to be delivered seamlessly to Web and Various VR head mount gear . STICK TV support live and on-demand VR content service.

BaaS (Backend as a Service)

Various widgets and APIs are provided to allow you to service your contents through STICK TV BaaS ( Backend as a Service ) . The end user would have the same experience through all types of devices such as Smart TV, Mobile, PC Web , VR device and Desktop, and the service price and design as well as service policies you set up for your service will be applied uniformly to all devices through a few simple clicks. Also, the STICK TV BaaS cloud automatically optimizes the contents to various devices, supporting different resolution and so on.

  • desktop
  • desktop


From cloud media service platform to native app builder, STICK TV provides various intuitive and powerful features that handle everything once you plan the contents and services.

  • School

  • Speech Conference

  • Ted

  • Share

  • your content

  • Everywhere

  • Daily Broadcasting

  • Live

  • Automated Broadcasting

  • Design your service

  • Build in one day

  • Get ready your app

Create Your Service

When you have an idea for a service, the rest will be provided by STICK TV platform. Plan a service by deciding whether you want an entertainment service, eLearning lecture service, a service for large and small community gatherings, an app for the company you run, a live app connecting to CCTVs of a restaurant, a live broadcast service that announces the events of the school or the company, or a TV or radio broadcast station running for 24 hours, and the rest will be provided by STICK TV platform.

Cloud Media Service Platform

You would need millions of dollars’ worth infrastructure and manpower cost in order to compose and develop high capacity and high resolution media service. STICK TV’s cloud media service platform is a cloud service that you only have to pay for how much you used and it allows you to create and launch the service you want easily and at a low cost. Various services including on demand contents services and live services are provided through the STICK TV’s cloud media service platform.

App Builder

STICK TV’s App Builder is the good news for a number of idea creators who could not launch their services for they did not have the platform and service app even when they have various contents and the members to which they could provide services. It allows you to link various social services, keep the communication going through the messaging, comment, like feature, and compose the app anew anytime with various features added.

Our Wonderful Partners

Various partners constitute the infrastructure of the STICK TV’s cloud service. With reliable HW and network infrastructure providers, it is becoming a global service.