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  • Cloud Media Platform

    MyTribe Cloud Media Platform is the core infrastructure for your tribe’s services including social feed, video and audio media processing for real-time and on demand through fast and secure MyTribe’s cloud platform. All your media contents are optimized and converted to deliver to various devices quickly to satisfy the demands of your users.

  • Cloud Live Platform

    Cloud Live Platform is a feature designed for tribes that depend on live broadcasting for mission critical content delivery. You can launch a live broadcast of video or audio programming whenever or wherever simply from a smartphone, your desktop or a professional broadcasting system. Cloud Live Platform processes and delivers everything from HD broadcasts to general mobile based transmission.

  • Native Mobile App Builder

    Through the Native Mobile App Builder, you have a powerful app creation platform that allows you to quickly build your app and make changes to meet your growing and dynamic needs. NMAP has many templates, designs, and features that are built in that allows quick and simple design changes. The design and service flow can be changed freely even after the app is registered and released.

  • Native Smart TV App Builder ( By Request )

    Another fast growing sector in media delivery is the Smart TV and TV manufacturers like Samsung and LG are the leading provider of apps for this market. MyTribe provides a Native Smart TV App Builder to develop Smart TV app services for quick entry into this newly emerging market. Combined with our app builder for smartphones, you can simultaneously build apps for both smartphone and smart tv platform seamlessly.

  • OTT Service Platform ( By Request )

    OTT is the abbreviation for “Over the top” content delivery. OTT allows the delivery of video and audio media content without the involvement of any service providers. Through our OTT Service Platform, you can create your own subscriber based media service and distribute it over the existing internet on your own set-top box (STB). Through this platform, you can operate an independent OTT-based video service with builtin subscriber management and billing management. You can launch a global media service without the limitations that are faced by cable and satellite service providers.