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Native Mobile App

Unlike mobile web and hybrid app, the Native Mobile App (NMA) is differentiated by speed, stability, security, and other native features. With NMA, you can create and distribute apps with high quality functions and also quickly modify, recreate and add new features at any time.


myTribe service enable to make your own tribe app and add social news feed feature only for your tribe members . This is most secure and closely connected social service in the world. Get connected, communicate with rich media message and share yours in your tribe app in real-time

Mobile App Creator

MyTribe app creator allows fast creation of apps for Apple and Android platforms with just a few clicks. You are given the control to create, manage and publish your app from easy to use intuitive web page.

Video Live

Through video-live feature, you can start a live broadcast to your Smart TV, mobile app, or computer at any time or any where from a professional studio or your laptop or smartphone. Our cloud platform provides all the resources you need with few simple clicks.

Video on Demand (VOD)

All your uploaded videos are automatically transcoded for fast delivery, linked to your homepage and published to your app. Your videos are safely stored on MyTribe’s cloud for your peace of mind.

Audio Mode

When you upload a video, the audio is automatically extracted in the cloud to deliver the audio of it only. This will be reduce bandwidth and reduce data usage for app users that may have limited data plan.

Audio Live

Like the Video Live feature, you can radiocast live or scheduled with full radio features. Interactive communications allow live chatting, user comments, and there is a support for real-time mixing with your own background music.

Audio On Demand

The video and audio contents uploaded to the cloud are automatically detected and converted to various audio formats for fast and high quality delivery. These audio files are available for all the latest devices and web environment.

Broadcast Automation

You can build a program schedule with the contents you uploaded to the cloud and set up a live broadcast channel. The automated service is 100% cloud-based broadcast and it can be expanded without a limit within the MyTribe cloud platform.

HTTP Live Streaming

HLS is becoming the world’s standard for media streaming because of its many benefits. It allows adaptable data rate, standard encryption, widely accepted delivery protocol, and lowered cost. MyTribe platform fully supports the HLS and it can stream all its contents whether live or on demand to all the platforms at the same time.


HTML5 is the new web standard focused on improving for the latest multimedia systems. MyTribe platform automatically detects and provides HTML5 player when the widget player is embedded. HTML5 based widget provides broader compatibility with the latest browsers.


If you are already broadcasting with podcast, you can create an exclusive podcast app simply by entering the your podcasting address. You can use your own independent podcast app to communicate with others in a variety of ways including the comments, real-time messaging, photo upload and sharing.

Social and Syndication

You can communicate with subscribers and members in variety of ways including the instant messaging, live broadcast, chat, and comments . You also can make syndication with your friend or partners content into your app and service with just few clicks.

Photo Gallery

The photos uploaded using smartphones or computers are uploaded to the MyTribe app in real time. Through this feature, the users can send notifications to others in real time through cloud based photo uploads even in areas where the network is poor.

Instant Messaging

MyTribe cloud messaging feature allows communication between service subscribers and members. Through this lightweight messaging system, you can build a tighter and more dynamic community.


The widget is used to create a fully configurable HTML codes to embed in a web page. By inserting the HTML codes provided by a widget, the various content services including live and on demand videos come alive instantly in any web sites.


Various statistics such as storage usage, network usage, traffic count, frequently viewed contents, revenue related information, and many more can be monitored of your MyTribe app. Based on the information, you can make informed decisions on new and existing services.


With few simple clicks, you can implement premium membership service based on fixed monthly rate, pay per view, ads based, or donation based. You have many options for advanced revenue generation.

Estimated Time To Launch your Own Service

Learning how to use cloud content manager in 1 Day
Learning how to make your own App in 1 Day
Learning how to use broadcast automation in 1 Day

myTribe service is largely composed of Cloud Media Contents Management and App Builder. Except professional broadcasting automation, the service is as intuitive and easy to use as anyone can master and use major features within 1 ~ 2 days.

Customer Support Team

Always On Service

The cloud platform guarantees stable service and quick response through 24/7 service when needed. All data are managed and secured without loss through a team of professional system engineers.

Better Customer Support

Along with our 24/7 service, we provide support through telephone, e-mail, Q&A, and FAQ.

Flexible Widget

myTribe app service is composed of Cloud Media Contents Management and App Builder. The service is intuitive and easy to use. You will be fully up and running right away.  The professional broadcasting automation can be tricky but we are here to work with you!

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